Seattle Colleges Culinary programs have infused environmental sustainability into their renowned programs. At Seattle Central, a “seed-to-plate” initiative provides students with experiences growing food on an organic farm, connects them with local organic farms and uses organic food exclusively. South Seattle integrates sustainable practices such as composting and sustainable agricultural methods into it operations.


Seattle Culinary Academy 

Seattle Culinary Academy (SCA) at Seattle Central College is one of the first culinary schools in the nation to offer formal coursework in sustainability, highlighting the value of local and seasonal sourcing. In addition, the program integrates health and environmental sustainability throughout the educational experience.

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Culinary Arts Program at South

The Culinary Arts Program at South Seattle College teaches their students by example to incorporate sustainable practices in every aspect of food service. They recycle all of their paper, plastic, and canned goods. They recycle their waste oil in the kitchen, working with a company that turns it into cosmetics and biofuel. They compost their food waste and are in the process of adding composting containers in the cafeteria. They use biodegradable containers for the to-go boxes and biodegradable, clear containers for deli products and cold drinks. They serve sustainably-grown, songbird-friendly coffee.

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