The Seattle Colleges offer a number of training programs aimed to promote more sustainable buildings. Many of these programs are focused in the construction and building trades. As has been seen with many occupations associated with the green economy, growth in green occupations will come less from the creation of entirely new green jobs but from the “greening” of existing jobs particularly those in the trades. Students enrolled in the programs associated with green building practices in the Seattle Colleges will learn and implement practices that are more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

For Seattle Colleges, training programs associated with energy efficiency not only encompass those associated with building trades, but also include occupations that support projects and practices that increase energy efficiency. These include technician training in various areas such as energy auditing.


Sustainable Building Science Technology B.A.S.

In 2014, the college developed the first Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree focused on sustainable building science technology in Washington state- it is unique within the Pacific NW region and nationally as well.

South Seattle, working with local, regional and state workforce development agencies, is at the forefront of energy conservation training, ranging from Weatherization to Advanced Building Sustainability Management. With the state’s largest apprenticeship training center at its Georgetown Campus, South is leading efforts to infuse sustainability across the trades and build career ladders for green jobs.

Also at South: Apprentice Related Training in the Trades, Computer Aided Drafting & Design Technology, Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center


Cabinetmaking & Fine Woodworking

Seattle Central’s Wood Construction program prepares students for employment in Cabinetmaking & Fine Woodworking, Carpentry and Marine Carpentry (Boatbuilding). Instructors emphasize sustainable practices and appropriate selection of environmentally-friendly materials and products.

Also at Central: Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training (SVI)