Seattle Colleges Sustainability Committee

Adam Maurer (chair)
Sustainability Coordinator, Seattle Colleges

Steve Abercrombie
Sustainable Building Science and Technology BAS Interim Lead, South Seattle

Maria Acob-Nash
Dean of Student Life, North Seattle

Julia Buchans
Program Specialist 2/Information Central, Seattle Central

Kurt Buttleman
Vice Chancellor of Academics and Student Services, Seattle Colleges

Julienne Degeyter
Vice President of Finance and Administration, South Seattle

Laura “Sam” Lunsford
Interim Director of Facilities and Operations, Seattle Central

Lincoln Ferris
Interim Vice President of Administrative Services, Seattle Central

Craig Grosinger
Facilities and Operations Director, South Seattle

Terence Hsiao
Interim Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations, Seattle Colleges

Sylvia Juarez
Associate Human Resources Director, Seattle Colleges

Jeff Keever
Director of Auxiliary Services, Seattle Central

Heather Price
Faculty-Chemistry, South Seattle

Alison Pugh
Associate Dean Math/Science/Business, South Seattle

Wendy Rockhill
Interim Vice President of Instruction, Seattle Central

Ben Dunkmann-Howlet
Manager of Capital Projects and Facilities, North Seattle

Note: Students from North, Central, and South also participate in the committee on a regular basis, but their availability fluctuates by quarter

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Seattle Colleges Sustainability Plan 2017-2023

The Sustainability Plan goals were crafted in 2014 by the District Sustainability Committee. These goals were revised through feedback from students, faculty, and staff from each college. The resultant Sustainability Plan has been presented to each college president and the Board of Trustees. The District Sustainability Committee is using the goals of the plan as a guide for sustainability efforts.