Inaugural Student Sustainability Survey

In November 2020, Seattle Colleges will distribute its inaugural student sustainability survey. During a time of unprecedented wild fires, a global pandemic, social unrest, mega storms, and continuous threats to the environmental and social structures that we all rely on, this survey serves as a measure of our student’s understanding of current events and a glimpse into their daily behaviors and beliefs. This survey also serves to:

  1. Allow for a better understanding of the needs of students as it relates to sustainability
  2. Provide information and resources for students to make more sustainable lifestyle choices
  3. Assess student interest in; 1) paid student positions related to sustainability, equity, and diversity, and 2) a student green fee
  4. Meet AASHE STARS credits;
  5. Increase the visibility of Seattle Colleges’ sustainability efforts

The survey will be open from November 1 – 30. Students who are interested in taking the survey should contact Adam Maurer, District Sustainability Coordinator, at

Students who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for various prizes, including gift certificates to local BIPOC businesses.