The Transportation Management Plan of Seattle Colleges offers many different ways for faculty and staff to get to and from campus- paying particular attention and placing priority on alternative modes of transportation to reduce environmental, social, and economic costs of single occupant vehicles.

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Walkers and Bicyclists

Walkers and bicyclists have access to lockers and shower facilities to better accommodate those modes of commuting.

Bus and Rail

Students, faculty, and staff are eligible for a subsidized Pugent Sound transit pass called the “ORCA Card,” a multi-countywide public transit pass that can be used for buses, light rail, trains, and other public transportation. Contact your campus transportation office for more information.


Some employees who carpool to campus are eligible for a discounted parking permit. King County Metro provides vanpool services for groups of 5-15 commuters who share a ride and pay a fixed fare. If a permanent employee is the driver of the vanpool, that employee may receive the discounted parking rate for “carpool” drivers and take advantage of assigned carpool parking spaces. For additional vanpool information, please contact Metro at 206.625.4500 or click here.


Seattle College employees employees are eligible to receive a monthly subsidy for ferry passes. Contact your campus transportation office for more information.


Seattle Colleges partners with ZimRide by Enterprise. Zimride is a private social ridesharing network available to students, faculty, and staff. Contact your campus transportation office for more information.


All permanent employees, participating in the TMP program as non-driving employees, are eligible for the Zipcar, a car-sharing service. Seattle Colleges pays for the cost of membership and the use of the Zipcar between the hours of 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday, for up to a maximum of six (6) hours per day. Contact your campus transportation office for more information. Employees must sign up before they can use Zipcar.

Flex-Time and Compressed Work Week

Departments and offices have the option of having staff work compressed schedules and incorporating flex-time throughout the academic year depending on their work responsibilities. Individuals can work with their supervisor to develop individual work schedules. Check with your supervisor if you are interested in a compressed work week and/or flex-time.


All exempt and classified staff are eligible for an arranged telecommuting situation, depending on the individuals work responsibilities and flow. Check with your supervisor if you are interested in telecommuting.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Seattle Colleges offers free emergency rides home during work hours for those that commute via bus, walk, or ride, because sometime emergencies happen and employees must get home quickly. Contact your transportation office for more information.