All Seattle Colleges kitchens and dining areas execute pre-consumer (i.e. kitchen scraps, back-of-house food waste) and post-consumer (i.e. food leftovers after eating) compost collection. In 2016, Seattle Colleges composted an estimated 93 tons of food waste, which is taken to one of two Cedar Grove Composting, Inc. facilities in Maple Valley or Everett, WA.


Seattle Colleges partners with various haulers to offer full recycling services at every college and all satellite campuses. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metals are collected in a commingled fashion and sent to various Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) throughout King County to be sorted and eventually sent to recyclers, who incorporate the materials into new products.

Cooking Oil

All Seattle Colleges kitchens recycle their used cooking oil through a third party vendor, who use it to mostly make biodiesel and other biofuels.

For a simple guide to compost, recycling, and garbage at Seattle Colleges please click the image below.

Feel free to print and hang these in places that need them. Thanks for your help in promoting better waste management at Seattle Colleges.