Zimride: Sharing a ride

What is Zimride? Zimride provides a private network for students and employees to conveniently find carpooling options. This helps relieve the stress of parking, traffic, and decreases our carbon footprint. The cool thing is that you can be a part of it free! Not to mention save money on gas and meet new people.

Here is how it works.

  1. Go to www.zimride.com
  2. Create a profile using your school email (i.e. @seattlecolleges.edu). You can also use Facebook (your Facebook has to be connected to your school email in order to work)
  3. Add your pick-up location and your drop-off locations
  4. Search for rides or riders. There is also a map that shows where rides and riders are located. Whatever ride or rider is close to your route to school and back, you can click on their profile and connect. It is as easy as that!
  5. Connect your PayPal account or use cash during transactions. This goes for both the driver and the rider. No extra fees.

The more Seattle Colleges’ students and employees that connect to this network the more rides and riders will be available. Help our community be more sustainable. Sign up for Zimride today!

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