Green gardening

South Seattle has created a small garden (approximately .25 acres) in the interior of campus to demonstrate Permaculture Design and sustainable agricultural methods. The garden provides some produce for the culinary arts programs at South Seattle.


In 2014, at North Seattle, the Licton Springs P-patch was established, existing of approximately 67 plots and covering 15,000 sq. ft. This urban garden is part of the City of Seattle’s P-patch program and it consistently involves North students, faculty, and staff.

Seattle Culinary Academy

The mission of Seattle Culinary Academy is to “provide an innovative learning environment responsive to industry that establishes a foundation of skills, allowing our students to excel in culinary and baking careers, while fostering stewardship of the environment. ” It is on of the first culinary schools in the nation to offer formal coursework in sustainability, highlighting the value of local and seasonal sourcing. Award wining chef instructors and their students in the Seattle Culinary Academy operate several dining options at Seattle Central College that incorporate sustainability in various ways.

One World Restaurant logo One World, a sit-down restaurant and Square One Bistro offer seasonally focused dining using local and sustainable ingredients. Seattle Culinary Academy also operates The Pastry Case at the Buzz, with delicious treats made by students in the Specialty Desserts and Breads program.

Square One Bistro logo